Afsana Esha


Afsana Afrin Esha is a human geographer with expertise in interdisciplinary research focused on human-environment interactions with a particular interest in the ways in which discourses and practices of development and governance relate to questions of finance, politics, and inequalities. She has worked extensively on these relationships, both at the micro and macro levels, mostly in the central and southern regions of Bangladesh. Her work combines ecological and social, both quantitative and qualitative approaches, and has undertaken extensive field-based research over the past seven years. In her current PhD research, she is looking at drinking water service governance. Esha strives to understand how development and adaptation finance come about in a range of political and bureaucratic settings, the types of drivers, and the effects they produce.

Esha obtained a MSc degree in Climate Change and Development from Independent University of Bangladesh. In 2019, she obtained her BSc degree in Environmental Sciences from the same university. She has been working in social science research on environment, development and climate change since the initiation of her studies in 2016.


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