Ahmed Nur Muse


Name: Ahmed Nur Muse

Country: Somaliland

Profession: Sociology (PhD)

University: University of Glasgow

Ahmed is a dedicated professional with a profound social work, sociology, and international development background. His academic journey began at Osmania University in India in 2006, where he pursued a bachelor’s degree in social work. Recognising the importance of further specialisation, he completed a Master’s in Sociology at Annamalai University in India. In 2016, he was awarded the prestigious Chevening Scholarship for an MA in International Development at the University of Sussex.

With over ten years of invaluable experience, Ahmed has worked extensively with numerous international organisations, contributing significantly to Global Health and social development in East Africa, working in Somalia, Somaliland, and Kenya. He worked for organisations such as UNICEF, Mott MacDonald, Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), Tropical Health and Education Trust (THET), Handicap International, International Solidarity Foundation (ISF), and the University of Hargeisa. He specialised in social and behaviour change (SBC), where he led UNICEF’S national intervention in social and behaviour intervention from 2021. During his tenure in these international development and humanitarian organisation, he has played a pivotal role in addressing critical social issues and advocating for the rights and well-being of vulnerable populations. He particularly focused on community engagement, advocacy, communication for change, and research.

Ahmed also co-founded the first School of Social Work in Somaliland, where he served as the inaugural dean. Furthermore, he was deputy president for the first national social workers association in Somaliland, empowering fellow professionals and advancing the social work profession in the region. Also, he has undertaken various consultancies for esteemed institutions such as Oxfam, SOS Children’s Village, Action Aid, Samuel Hall, FinChurd Aid, and Save the Children International. His social development and research expertise have been instrumental in designing effective interventions and policies to tackle pressing societal challenges. He led the development of the first disability policy in Somaliland while he was working for Handicap International.


Research: Traditional Maternal Practices Among Pastoral Nomads in Somaliland

Ahmed is currently studying for his doctorate at the University of Glasgow, researching traditional maternal practices within the Pastoral Nomadic Community in Somaliland. He aims to better understand these culturally embedded practices and bridge the gap between traditional knowledge and modern healthcare approaches. Through his research, he hopes to provide evidence-based insights that can inform policies that improve marginalised communities’ well-being and enrich the discourse on Somali studies.